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iPhone Program Crashes and Stability Issues

If you’re running into frequent iPhone program crashes, here are some tips for getting better stability.

Application memory management issues

Generally, it caused by memory management, such as a instance un-alloc, released, un-expected copy. This kind issues is easy to find through unit test and functionality test.

Apple firmware compatibility issues

As the IOS version change, API maybe different, sometimes it is serious and kill the app.

For example:

In IOS 5, the following statement is fine:

UIBarButtonItem* rightBtn= [[UIBarButtonItem alloc] initWithTitle:@"Upload" style:UIBarButtonItemStylePlain target:self action:@selector(upload)];

rightBtn.tintColor=[UIColor redColor]; // it will crash in IOS 4.0

In IOS 4.2.1


_stillimage =[img copy]; // This run fine in IOS 4.2.1, but it will crash in IOS 4.1

// solution:   [_stillimage setValue:img forKey:@"image"];


So checking each IOS version API difference is most important to avoid random crash. generally this kind issues can not be found through unit test or simulator debug.

How to automatically check API diff maybe a interesting topic for iPhone testing.

For getting better stability, we have to do testing through three aspects:

Unit test and functionality test

Memory management test

IOS version compatibility test
PS: A list of all firmware: