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How to Dual boot Windows 7 and OSX Lion

Guide for Mac User

1. open Spotlight and search "Boot Camp Assistant";

2.  Click Application-"Boot Camp Assistant";

3. Follow the installation and guide instruction of  "Boot Camp Assistant", Install Windows 7;

4. when finishing installation of Windows 7, Return to Mac OSX Lion;

5. Download  rEFIt and install with Intaller package;

after Installed rEFIt, generally, if the boot Menu will not appear.

Just do a manual install again:

Here are the steps for a manual install:

  1. Download the “Mac disk image” or any of the other two binary distributions from the home page. Double-click to mount or unpack them.
  2. Copy the “efi” folder from the rEFIt distribution to the root level of your Mac OS X volume.
  3. Open Terminal and enter the following commands:
    cd /efi/refit
    sudo bless --folder /efi/refit --file /efi/refit/refit.efi --labelfile /efi/refit/refit.vollabel
    Done, You got it.